The Sanskriti Yoga Centre welcomes you for both classes and retreats

Set in an exceptional natural setting, Sanskriti Yoga Centre offers traditional Hatha Yoga classes and retreats. Body postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and concentration, as well as meditation practice complement each other to procure inner balance and serenity

Yoga enables you to access the harmony between body and mind: listening to one’s body allows you to relax the mind, reduce stress and restore your own balance.

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Yoga classes

Sanskriti offers courses for all ages adapted to all levels. They take place in two rooms. Simplicity and conviviality are essential, with a true spirit of teaching and sharing. In summer, nature itself becomes a “third room”: classes can be held outside, near the river and the surrounding forest.

We voluntarily limit the number of course participants, so that we can devote special attention to each person.

Level 1

Level 1

Yoga sessions for all. Gentle yoga practice, suitable for all levels, beginners and all ages.


level 2

Level 2

For people who have practised yoga regularly for 2 years. Pranayama deep breathing techniques are introduced, as well as a greater immersion in yogic philosophy.


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

This class allows you to discover and adapt gently to the physical changes at different stages of pregnancy enabling you to calmly manage emotions often fluctuating in this period of intense transformation. It also helps to prepare physically and mentally for the birth. Above all, yoga allows you to create an extra special bond, a connection, a deep exchange with your baby.

1h00 -with or without yoga experience

For teenagers

for teenagers

12 to 16 years old. Focused on letting go (and even having fun, because yoga can be taught seriously in a joyful way!).Yoga offers teens a time of relaxation, a real break. A spirit of kindness and goodwill during the class helps restore confidence and self-esteem and teaches you how to manage stress in a healthy way.


For Children

For Children

7 to 11 years old. Through the practice of yoga, children learn in a fun way to help them concentrate better, to develop their motorskills as well as calm.


Yoga vacation

Yoga retreats

Choosing à Sanskriti retreat is an opportunity to find your inner calm and experience the peace and joy we all seek.

Prices for daily classes 2019/2020

Group and private sessions
Trial class

10 €

Single class

16 €

Card of 5 classes

75 €

Card of 10 classes

145 €

Family card of 30 classes

400 €

Private session

40 €

Private session of yoga therapy

50 €

Reduced prices*
Single class for adults

14 €

Card of 5 classes

65 €

Card of 10 classes

125 €

Sanskriti Foundation membership

10 €

Single class for kids

12 €

Kids -12 classes membership

120 €

Kids Annual membership

270 €

– 10% for 2 kids

*one hour sessions. Unemployed persons. Students

Semestral membership
1 class per week

280 €


390 €

Annual membership
1 class per week

550 €


720 €

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Located in Scionzier, France, in the heart of the Alps, between Geneva and Chamonix, Sanskriti is a unique place, ideal to recharge during a short break or a longer stay.

31 Rue du Bourg Dehors – 74950 Scionzier – France

Phone: +33(0)450471256